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Our Services

Mechanical Design

Software Development

Calibration & Certification


Electronic Circuit Design – Analog, Digital and Power Implementation

Power Measurements Schematic Development
Systems Analysis and Design
Systems requirements analysis and design based on customer requirements and specifications. Cost versus performance tradeoff analysis.
Component Selection
Component search and selection based on performance and cost analysis.

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Development

Power Measurements PCB Development
PCB Design
Design rule driven placement and routing of PCBs up to 10 layers using Altium Designer. Analog, digital and mixed signal. Controlled impedance. Custom schematic component and footprint library creation when required.
PCB Manufacturing
Generation of complete manufacturing packages including Gerber files, drill files, pick and place, 3D step models and Bills of Material with full sourcing information.

Prototype / Full Product Validation

This is part of the research and development activities that focuses on the development side that checks an engineering sample as to conform on specified functional requirements by applying functional validation in various forms of test scenarios. Electro-Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) Test and Environmental Test is also included in this phase
Burn-In Test and Environmental Test
Thermal Chamber is one of the tools used in Environmental Testing. It is used to test functionality of products based on specified ambient temperature.


Product Packaging Development

A mechanical 3D drawing using a computer-aided design tool of the product to understand what the product’s specified appearance and packaging dimensions.
Power Measurements Packaging Development
Our products has been designed using Solidworks 2014. In this process the integration of each unique components in one CAD assembly is very critical . It’s been thoroughly checked to ensure smooth assembly and mechanical integrity of the product is not compromised.

Sheet Metal Design

A mechanical 3D drawing that focuses on a wide range of sheet metal application & cabinet/enclosure design that is required by many industries.
Power Measurements Sheet Metal Design
Creating shop drawings for a simple Aluminum panel for manufacturing. Functional dimensioning applied. We did not include GD & T because part and assembly is simple.

Product Rendering

Power Measurements Product Rendering
After receiving the PCB step data, the next thing we’ve done is to create a 2D & 3D assembly model and drawing for our light assembly area.
Power Measurements Product Rendering
Photorealistic Product Rendering for a marketing brochure using Solidworks Add-in Photoworks 360. Within few minutes your product is ready for brochure creation and website posting.

Our Product Development

Power Measurements Product Development Process
Power Measurements is implementing an ISO 9001-compliant product development process. Unlike the common V-diagram process, the company is using a double V-diagram (we call it the W process) that provides solutions to common pitfalls of rapid product development and ensures high quality result without compromising the development timeline.

Product Development