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Technology Consulting Services & Training

TESCO – Power Measurements Inc. (PMI) ffers a broad spectrum of consulting services related to power measurement technology and marketing. We also provide services in a broad range of technology and business development areas.

Our Areas of Expertise

  • High accuracy, low frequency AC measurement (volts, amps, VA, VAR, power)
  • National and international standards for Electricity Metering
  • Training and application problem solving for Electricity Metering
  • System design including MPU, DSP, FPGA, communications, mixed signal, and power supplies
  • PCB design, layout, and prototyping
  • Market analysis and product definition

Some Interesting Things We’ve Done Outside of Power Measurement

  • Developed a high speed optical system capable of measuring the 3D trajectory of a lancet needle as it fired. System involved custom optical design, 30K frame per second camera and custom measurement algorithms.
  • Developed a wide range of x-ray microanalysis systems.
  • Developed the image processing system for a wafer prober (fast, sub-micron wafer alignment).
  • Created the first PC based image processing system for electron microscopes.